Thursday, August 3, 2017

Good morning from New Harmony, Indiana where I planted fall onions and turnips in my garden yesterday. This morning I get up, read the news and discover, that Trump was lying about receiving phone calls from both the national leader of the Boy Scouts and from the Mexican President. What sort of sick son of a bitch lies about receiving phone calls from the Boy Scouts? This whacko has his finger on the nuclear button, and Republican Senators and Congressmen can't find the patriotism to admit, he is existentially dangerous to this once proud nation. When Nixon first went rogue and then off of the deep end, the Republicans of that day stepped up to the pump and shut him down, as the constitution intends should be done, if the president is mentally impaired. Today's Republicans seem to lack the balls to act. Mitch McConnell is certainly no Barry Goldwater, is he?

  • Ron Nesler posting from my fishing camp in New Harmony, Indiana

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